I suggest the following book/series...

New Cambridge Bible Commentary series

Cambridge University Press


Genesis by Bill T. Arnold, 2008, 978-0521000673
Exodus by Carol Meyers, 2005, 978-0521002912
Judges & Ruth by Victor H. Matthews, 2004, 978-0521000666
Psalms by Walter Brueggemann & William H. Bellinger, Jr., 2014, 978-0521600767
Matthew by Craig A. Evans, 2013, 978-0521011068
Mark by Darrell Bock, 2015, 978-1107677678
The Gospel of Luke by Amy-Jill Levine, 2018, 978-0521676816
The Gospel of John by Jerome H. Neyrey, 2006, 978-0521535212
1-2 Corinthians by Craig S. Keener, 2005, 978-0521542432
Galatians by Craig S. Keener, 2018, 978-1108445573
James & Jude by William F. Brosend II, 2004, 978-0521892018
Revelation by Ben Witherington III, 2003, 978-0521000680

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    I have found this series to be of great help with my research and believe it would be of even great use if it were a Logos resource.

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