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Uusi kirkkoraamattu 1992/2007

1. Individual or series title: Uusi kirkkoraamattu 1992/2007
2. The author(s): Translated by a committee
3. -
4. This translation of The Holy Bible is copyrighted by Kirkon keskusrahasto
5. The ISBN: 9789515774300

Contact information of the holder of the copyright:

Kirkon keskusrahasto
Satamakatu 11 A
tel. +358-0-18021

The latest official Finnish translation dates from 1992, the so-called Uusi kirkkoraamattu [fi] (New Church Bible).

It is the first Finnish ecumenical edition; the translation committee consisted not only of the representatives of the Finnish Lutheran Church, but also of academics and representatives of the Finnish Orthodox Church and Finnish Catholic Church, and is intended for the use of all Christian denominations.

The translation technique used in the 1992 edition is dynamic equivalence, and it aims to use ordinary standard Finnish. The initial edition consisted of only the New and Old Testaments: the translation of the Old Testament deuterocanonicals were finished only in 2004.

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