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  1. New International Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology by E.M. Blaiklock & R.K. Harrison

  2. Handbook of Christian Theologians by Martin E. Marty & Dean G. Peerman

  3. George Ernest Wright's God Who Acts: Biblical Theology as Recital, Studies in Biblical Theology, Number 8

  4. Old Testament Theology, Volume 1 by Gerhard von Rad

  5. Old Testament Theology, Volume 2 by Gerhard von Rad

  6. Frettheim's, The Pentateuch

  7. Approaches to Old Testament Interpretation by John Goldingay

  8. Gerhard von Rad: Makers of the Modern Theological Mind by James L. Crenshaw

  9. Israel's Praise: Doxology Against Idolatry and Ideology by Walter Brueggemann

  10. Hebrew Bible and its Modern Interpreters edited by Douglas A. Knight and Gene M. Tucker

  11. Old Testament Times: A Social, Political and Cultural Context by R.K. Harrison

  12. The Holy Bible from Ancient Eastern Manuscripts: Containing the Old and New Testaments Translated from the Peshitta, Trans by George Lamsa

  13. Theology of the Land by Leonard Weber, et al

  14. First and Second Samuel: Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching by Walter Brueggemann

  15. Texts that Linger, Words that Explode: Listening to Prophetic Voices by Walter Brueggemann

  16. Archaeology and the Religion of Israel by William Foxwell Albright

  17. Essays on Old Testament History and Religion by Albrecht Alt

  18. Biblical Period from Abraham to Ezra: an Historical Survey by William Foxwell Albright

  19. Doing Theology in Today's World: Essays in Honor of Kenneth S. Kantzer By John D. Woodbridge and Thomas Edward McComiskey

  20. Acta et Documenta Concilio Oecumenico Vaticano II Apparando

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