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    Peter commented  · 

    Great suggestion ! A tagged database of the LXX according to the Cascadia Syntax System would open a whole new dimension. We all know that the Old Testament is written in Hebrew/Aramaic but the New Testamten writers were more or less aware and dependent of the LXX. But the main reason to support this endeavor in my eyes is to have more possibilities of comparing Syntax. That would be a great benefit for the understanding of the Greek New Testament as well. When a Syntax pattern is one and the same one can draw important conclusions for the understanding of the text. Another point would be to be able to analyze the translation process of the LXX translators, how did they manage their job and how die they treat their Hebrew text? That could enlighten the question of their translation techniques and one could draw conclusions how they understood the Hebrew text - of interest not only for textcritical interested people. So a comparison of the Hebrew and Greek text would be possible. Mere morphologically tagged LXX editions are available everywhere, but the analysis of the Cascadia Syntax providing more information is of much more interest and possibilities, so more insights in many open questions could be expected. It would be beneficial to have the same method and System as used in the New Testament so that cross searches between the New and the Old Testament are possible - important because there are Syntax structures in the NT appearing only once or not very often, so that a direct comparison with the LXX would be of benefit and one could determine how to interpret a certain pattern. The more possibilities to compare certain structure you have, the better is your interpretation. I hope that many interested people vote for it and Logos is able to support this work. Everybody knows that there is a lot to do for the team. They did a great job for the New Testament. So this project could foster the understanding of New Testament Syntax as well. Much more could be said. Yours Peter

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